"I went to officer school for this?!" -Sicher

Who is Sicher?

Sicherheit, otherwise known as her nickname Sicher, is the second highest ranking member of the Canadian Forces. Alongside this, she is an active member of CSIS, the propaganda brigade, and is the commander of the Canadian Army [CA]. She was the appointed female general, and is also the first person to achieve the rank of OF-9.

Brief History

Sicher was first introduced to the waifu community through a vagabond ex-member of the Black Sun Waifu Military (BSWM). Before its fall, she was fiercely loyal until the Kanzler eventually proved to be a terrible leader. Once the classic but inevitable coup was staged, she transferred to be under new command in the Black Cross Waifu Empire for nearly a year. From then on she has developed a close relationship with Rott, going so far as to become his second in command.

Character Information / Trivia

  • Gen. Elizabeth Fitzgerald wasn't always so polished. She began as a clumsy, naive private.
  • Elizabeth is responsible for the revival of the German Android prototype GSS-TV, whom she found dormant in the armory.
  • Similarly to Gov. Gen. Rott, Elizabeth has a mysterious past... if only she could recall it for herself.
  • She has a reputation for calm conduct, unless aggravated. In that case, she commands and demands respect.

Personal Trivia

  • Sicher is a hobbyist voice actress, stage performer, and vocalist. She has been performing since her younger years.
  • She also creates digital artworks and writing pieces, while also being responsible for the CF wiki in its entirety.
  • She's fluent in English and semi-fluent in German, despite being of American descent.
  • Her knowledge of militaria isn't new, but was revived due to her relationship with Rott.


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