"Vigilamus pro te! (We stand on guard for thee!)" -motto
The Canadian Forces, otherwise known as the CF, is a VRChat-centric military roleplaying group based on the Canadian armed forces.

Disclaimer: The events described in this article are the product of roleplay. The members of the Canadian Forces have fictitious counterparts, used in a roleplay setting. The purpose of this wiki is to record the events of the CF and document such happenings. The CF is a drama-free organization, and will remain as such.



Originally, the group itself was not meant to be a roleplay organization, or anything of the sort. The founder, Governor General Rott, had intended for the CF to be a place for his close friends and mutuals to coexist; he wanted the CF to be a place for all to enjoy themselves and be worry free. However, a slum of inactivity swept over the group, leaving Rott towards a choice: let the server slowly dissipate, or make bring it up in arms. On the 22nd of June, 2019, the Canadian Forces was born again. Shortly afterward, Rott integrated a modern rank structure and uniforms were shortly distributed.The group strives for modern accuracy and encourages high discipline among both recruits and the highest of generals.

Era I

In its first stages, the Canadian Forces grew to around 800 members, and expanded into three branches: the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, and the Air Force. During this era, players could expect intense, accurate RP and a plethora of events to look forward to. After the group reached its peak, leadership decided to close the group and re-brand in a series of several trial runs for other themes. However, the group would ultimately reform into its Era II (and current) iteration after a long-deserved break.

Era II

After its reformation, the group was changed into the Canadian Armed Forces, with a focus specifically on the Canadian Army. In its beginning stages, the group focused primarily on the 5th Canadian Division, choosing the Princess Louise Fusiliers, a light infantry regiment in the Canadian Maritimes, as its host. The group plans to expand further and eventually add more regiments that belong to the 5th Canadian Division.

Notable Members


  • Rott, Chief of Defense Staff and leader of the group
  • Sicher, Rott's assistant, girlfriend, and Commander of the CAF 5th Division


  • Squiggles


  • SparkleGod
  • Toly
  • Cherry


  • Mr Green Bean
  • Leanna


  • LuigiTheGuy 
  • Skullcandyeater 
  • B00bah 
  • Smoker 
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