"Vigilamus pro te! (We stand on guard for thee!)" -motto
The Canadian Forces, otherwise known as the CF, is a VRChat-centric military roleplaying group based on the Canadian armed forces.

Disclaimer: The events described in this article are the product of roleplay. The members of the Canadian Forces have fictitious counterparts, used in a roleplay setting. The purpose of this wiki is to record the events of the CF and document such happenings. The CF is a drama-free organization, and will remain as such.



Originally, the group itself was not meant to be a roleplay organization, or anything of the sort. The founder, Governor General Nite, had intended for the CF to be a place for his close friends and mutuals to coexist; he wanted the CF to be a place for all to enjoy themselves and be worry free. However, a slum of inactivity swept over the group, leaving Nite towards a choice: let the server slowly dissipate, or make bring it up in arms. On the 22nd of June, 2019, the Canadian Forces was born again. Shortly afterward, Nite integrated a modern rank structure and uniforms were shortly distributed.The group strives for modern accuracy and encourages high discipline among both recruits and the highest of generals.

Current Day

While still in its relatively early stages, the Canadian Forces actively seeks out new members and hosts weekly RP sessions and events. An influx of members lead to the group reaching over 100 active recruits in just three weeks time. Overall, the CF hopes to expand its ranks and create separate branches to mimic those of the real Canadian military, which would not just include the Canadian Army, but also the Royal Canadian Navy and Air Force. The Canadian Forces also expanded its doors beyond the thresholds of VRChat so that its members could also play a variety of games together.

Notable Members


  • Governer General Nite, the group's founder and leader
  • General Chia, commander of the Canadian Armed Forces and CSIS
  • Admiral Choco, commander of the Royal Canadian Navy
  • General Sparkle, commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force


  • Lieutenant-General Kannadian, CFMP member
  • Vice-Admiral Marywolf, head of the CFMP and best girl


  • Lieutenant / Drill Instructor B00bah, Chia's punching bag, right hand man, and Eggroll Dealer
  • Lieutenant-Commander Rusty, local German enthusiast
  • Sub-Lieutenant Alfiealise, head map-maker
  • Sub-Lieutenant Leanna, kpop trash
  • Second Lieutenant Squiggles, padoru
  • Second Lieutenant McZarya, probable owner of legs


  • Master Warrant Officer Green Bean, the lean mean machine
  • Warrant Officer Neko, who has the gaymer disease
  • Warrant Officer Kitty, bomb fucker
  • Master Warrant Officer Silver S. Star, the wildest boy in all the West
  • Petty Officer 1st Class Dapper, the bestest squid


  • Corporal Draco, cancer baby 
  • Corporal Deamon, box 
  • Ordinary Seaman Basic Wolfy, the dog that meows 
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